Optimise the distribution

of your hospitality invitations and
tickets with Kiomatch

A collaborative platform that enables
different levels of administration

The Kiomatch digital ticketing solution has been specially designed to meet the needs of sponsors, advertisers and partners of sports Leagues and Federations during regular seasons or organisers of special sports events. Kiomatch enables company departments to distribute tickets (invitations, VIP packages) to their different entities or subsidiaries. Kiomatch also helps them administer the inviting entities and their access rights and to monitor how the invitations are being taken up.


  • I register the VIP hospitality invitations in the platform
  • I assign them to different inviting entities
  • I check the stock levels for the whole inviting entity network


  • I have access to a volume of invitations to assign to my agencies and/or send to my guests


  • I access my space to confirm the invitation and download my e-tickets
Sports event sponsoring (relationship with the “rights holder”)
SUCCESSFUL HOSPITALITY ! Your guests can enjoy the sports event in full, associated with your brand image.

Check your stock management and optimise your ROI

Thanks to the administration of all tickets on the platform, you have a real-time view of the stock level by inviting entity, guest, or by type of ticket. By monitoring the tickets that are sent out and the reservations that are made, if necessary you can redistribute some of the packages and vouchers for optimum management.
The access provided to all your data and the detailed report printouts enable you to calculate the precise return on investment (ROI) for each of your sponsorship operations. Kiomatch is now an effective tool to help your company optimise your investments in sport.
Multilingual collaborative platform
Real-time consumption monitoring
Access rights management by profile
Personalised interfaces for inviting entities
E-ticket and voucher management
Quick and personalised deployment
Management control tools which respect your internal rules and your legal obligations under the Sapin II Law “Conformity / Anti-Corruption Law”.

Discover the Kiomatch features for effective management of your internal ticketing

Head office / Sponsors / Advertisers / DG / Sports marketing department
You manage sponsorship, PR strategy and hospitality at your company. Once you have finished negotiating with your rights holders from the different federations, leagues, clubs and organisers, you can create, register and administer your tickets in Kiomatch.

- Inviting entity profile and rights management : personalise the solution and ticket access rights according to the profiles you create (subsidiaries, regional management, commercial managers, etc.)
- Definition of the procedure for requesting and accessing the inviting entity collaborative space
- Assignment of stocks to inviting entities according to their profile or package category

- Detailed monitoring reports printout
- Filtering by criteria : inviting entity, type of package, guest profile, etc.

- Invitation take-up check - Visibility over the invites sent out with inviting entity reminder function - Internal search engine for direct guest file administration - Information sharing and notifications between administrators and inviting entities

As an events, PR, hospitality, sports marketing or other agency working on behalf of advertisers, sponsors or clients who use match tickets, you have additional functions :
- Billing & payment management module, secure payments
- Printout and despatch of badges, car park passes, non-stadia vouchers, etc.
- Management control tools which respect your internal rules and legal obligations (Sapin II. "Compliance Integrity" Law).

Subsidiaries / Departments / Regions / Agencies
Functional modules to delegate invitation personalisation and despatch to your organisation’s entities. Each inviting entity accesses the collaborative space and data monitoring according to their rights profile defined in advance by the administrator.

- Request packages
- Import and enter guests
- Assign profiles to guests
- Print out and despatch invitations with personalisation

- Real-time reservation monitoring according to profiles, packages, services and more - Administer and modify guest files - Print out and despatch confirmations, vouchers and more according to your procedure
Make the whole process easier and completely safe for your guests to provide them with a quality experience which will boost your company’s image.

- Personalised invitation reception by email
- Display inviting entity(ies)
- Secure access (GDPR) to the form or personal file

- Guest identification form
- Second form for the person or people accompanying them according to their rights
- Personalised package selection offer
- Selection acknowledgement notifications

- Confirmation reception & link to personal file - Links to download personalised documents (passes, vouchers) - Ticket download according to procedure