Your needs

The Kiomatch solution

meets the needs of sponsors and sports event agencies
Kiomatch meets the needs expressed by sponsors / advertisers and sports event client companies. The Kiomatch solution is also ideal for communication agencies who specialise in sports events.
In exchange for their sports partnerships, companies receive guest tickets and hospitality packages which bring with them the assignment and distribution requirements stated below.
Sponsors / Advertisers
  • Arbitrate easily the assignment of guest packages and invitations between your inviting entities
  • Collect the needs of your inviting entities
  • Delegate the internal distribution of your packages, invitations and tickets
  • Supervise volumes and budgets by inviting entity (subsidiaries, departments, agencies, etc.)
  • Control the flow of invitations and reservations
  • Share information internally in real time for quicker reactions (Stock management)
  • Save time and increase internal communication quality
  • Anticipate invitations for special events or during the regular season on sports match (or show) dates
  • Manage sports partnership investments
  • Check the management and traceability of actions according to "Integrity compliance" rules
  • Facilitate the provision of e-tickets / vouchers to guests
  • Personalise and optimise the quality of your communication with your guests
  • Improve the guest experience
In the context of event management and services delegation missions, agencies can find responses to the needs expressed below in the Kiomatch solution.
Communication and sports event agencies
  • Administer reservations (billing, secure payment, etc.)
  • Manage various non-stadia reception services (transport, accommodation, transfers, etc.)
  • Print out and send non-stadia service vouchers (badges, car park passes, counter-marks, etc.)
  • Combine services to constitute packages.
  • Delegated package management for a sponsor
  • Manage the flow of requirements and internal orders for a sponsor
  • Homogenise multi-client management for an event
  • Collect guest profiles for several clients at the same event