Internal sponsor ticketing

Optimise your partnerships
The digital solution which is specially designed for your internal ticketing
Are you in charge of managing hundreds or even thousands of VIP and hospitality invitations each season? Monitoring and assigning stocks can be complex and time-consuming. To free up your time and increase your independence, we have created Kiomatch: a collaborative ticketing solution that helps you assign and manage digital invitations for any management level within your company.


Personalised functions According to your users’ profiles
Head office / Sponsors / Advertisers / DG / Sports marketing department
  • Import and manage the distribution of all your tickets / vouchers within your network.
  • Check your stock levels in real time to optimise invitation distribution and ROI.
  • Manage access rights by entity.
Subsidiaries / Departments / Regions / Agencies
  • Create your package and guest list requests.
  • Personalise and send your invitations.
  • Monitor reservations in real time.
  • Provide your guests with the possibility of connecting to a secure, personalised space to confirm their packages and download their e-tickets.


Why Kiomatch ?

01. Save time managing your VIPs and Hospitality events
Independence in assigning, distributing and managing the invitation flows related to your partnerships during sports and cultural events.
02. Improve your public relations and ROI
Print out detailed reports on your ticket consumption. Agile solution for optimum real-time stock management actions.
03. Personalise your guests’ interface
A space adapted to each guest profile’s access rights, which respects your graphic charter.
04. Deploy your solution quickly
Personalise your solution upstream for effective integration. Assistance for head office teams and inviting entities for a quick start.


Pourquoi choisir la solution
Kiomatch pour votre entreprise ?

01. Automatiser l’attribution et l’envoi des billets
Gagnez en autonomie sur le pilotage d’invitations de vos partenariats sportifs et culturels.
02. Améliorer vos relations publiques et votre ROI grâce à un contrôle de gestion en temps réel

Edition de rapports détaillés sur la consommation de billets. Agilité de la solution pour des actions optimales de gestion de stocks.

03. Un déploiement rapide accompagné par nos équipes Kiomatch
Paramétrages de la solution en amont pour une intégration efficace. Accompagnement des équipes du siège et des entités invitantes pour une prise en main rapide.
04. Une interface personnalisée pour vos invités
Une interface modulable, respectant la charte graphique de votre marque. Génération de droits d’accès personnalisés selon chaque profils d’invités.



a solution by TeamResa
which has already been adopted by sponsors
Kiomatch was created out of the need expressed by advertisers and sponsors to facilitate their internal management of VIP and hospitality invitations for special sports events or for matches across a host of sports during the regular season in the context of partnerships with federations, clubs, leagues and other organisations.
Our solution has proven its worth to sponsors and organisers at the Tour de France, Euro 2016, the FIFA 2018 and 2019 Women’s Football World Cups and many more events.
The Sport Business by TeamResa solution has now been adopted by major companies and sports event agencies alike.